12 Reasons Why 

 1. We are experienced in every aspect of what we do, and that experience will better serve you and eliminate stress for you. You can be confident in our professionalism. 

2. Our specialty is contemporary Christian music. We don't just have a few titles or artists: We have thousands (in all styles) and, we know what "Fits" and where to mix it in.

3. If you don't want much or any contemporary Christian music: No problem! We also specialize in offering tasteful Top 40 (secular) music: And, we have thousands and thousands of titles.

4. All of our DJs are Christians - and approach serving you and your guests from a Christian perspective. We won't play or say anything that will offend you. We will not take away from, but will add to your witness of creating an atmosphere of a sincerely Joyful Christian event.

5. We are a dedicated full-time service that is big enough to satisfy your needs, and yet small enough to serve you.

6. We have backup DJs and backup equipment.

7. Our equipment is designed to look and sound great and is designed so as not to be overbearing, in volume or size.

8. We have thousands of satisfied clients (and we'd like to add you to that category.)

9. We work with you in every aspect to custom design your event and we stick by the guidelines you tell us.

10. Whether you want background music or up tempo dance music, we will play the music you want.

11. Weddings are our specialty!

12. We honestly care about you and your wedding. As Christians we approach marriage from a bible point of view: We're excited for you!

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