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Joyful Sounds was started in 1991 by John Scott and his bride-to-be, Tere (Wells) Scott. It originated through lots of prayer, as a result of John feeling that he could no longer play some of the music he was often requested to play when working at another D.J. service. As John explains it, “I really had no intention of starting my own service - I never thought of it. I liked the company I worked for and the people there, but as I grew in the Lord, I felt worse and worse about having to play dirty/cynical/obsessive lyric songs. I had stopped playing as a professional musician years before because of the same reasons. I didn’t want any part of projecting the idea that these things were o.k. and it grieved me to see some of the things that often went on at wedding receptions. I was very excited about contemporary Christian music even then (it’s even better now!) and I wanted to do something to glorify Jesus, serve Christians and show people that Christians can have fun - in a better way! I was leaning towards pursuing a career as a Christian musician, but I felt the Lord’s leading towards Joyful Sounds. The idea for Joyful Sounds came totally out of prayer and I prayed intensely about every aspect of this company, the name, the mission, the logo, how to do a wedding reception in a Godly manner, etc.”

As John and Tere were planning their own July 1992 wedding, they were also planning and praying about Joyful Sounds. Says John, “it was a very intense and yet fun time of our lives.” John stepped out in faith and left the D.J. Service he had been with. This was a hard decision, and he had to work a full-time job for awhile before Joyful Sounds took off.


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